Apps you need for the book nerd in you.

For as long as I can remember, I loved reading. Sitting in a nook alone engulfed by the stories of characters was how I spent my entire childhood. There is nothing better than being cozy and smelling the fresh smell of old books, but alas you can’t carry many books with you at a time and it is difficult if you happen to travel. These are a few apps I use to quench my book thirst when I am on the move.


Who isnt aware of this awesome app that changed the way everyone reads. No one thought it would be possible to carry all their favourite books with them. Now it is not only possible to carry books but millions of them at a time. Authors can self publish their books so its a great place to discover new and upcoming authors.


It is an U.S bases e-book and audiobook subscription site which gives you access to over a million books. It offers a 1 month free trial so you can make up your mind about the subscription price which is only 9$ per month.


Book mate gives you access to audiobooks, comics,classics and other titles for only 11.99 per month. its great for comic book enthusiast. There are books available in different languages including Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Spanish.


Playster is more inclusive compared to other services on this site. It provides access to e-books, games, movies and music. There is subscription prices ranging from 1.95 to 6.95 depending on the service you sign up to.

5 most instagrammable spots in Sydney​.

  1. The Grounds of Alexandria-this is one of the nicest places I have visited. If you are a fan of coffee, culture, garden, and cafes then this is the place for you. The food here is to die for and it doesn’t hurt that the place looks something out of a Disney movie. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to visit the place when it’s hosting an event.30840863945_e55112535a_b 2. Bondi iceberg poolThis place is something that is just conjured right out of your dreams. Instagram might have made this place cool by featuring it in every blogger’s post but it does not disappoint. You can enjoy a drink and take in the view if you do not fancy a swim.

    people standing beside swimming pool
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    3. Wedding cake rock                                                                                                             This place might look unreal to most people but this is a real place.  The wedding cake rock is located 25 km away from Sydney in the national park and the view is to die for. If you are in Sydney you should definitely visit the place, at least for the gram.wedding-cake-rock-2329072_960_7204.Strand arcade                                                                                                                             This is one of the oldest building in Sydney which has been converted into a shopping centre. You can shop all day and take in the beautiful architecture that is in there.  Strand arcade is a very famous shopping destination and you can find all the best brands under one roof.The_Strand_Arcade_interior_photographed_from_the_top_level,_Sydney_02      5. Mrs Macquarie chair                                                                                                                The opera house and the harbour bridge are one of the most sought after tourist spots in Sydney but it is very difficult to get them all in one frame. Mrs Macquarie chair is the perfect spot to capture all the beauty in one perfect shot.1280px-Sydney_Harbour_Bridge_with_the_Opera_House

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How to travel on a 40$ budget in sydney.

Sydney is undoubtedly the most beautiful city I have visited down under. The concrete jungle is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world. nothing screams vacation more than having an overpriced breakfast with the view of Bondi. The laid back Aussie culture is just another perk that you will get to enjoy while visiting the beach haven. And if by any chance(not that its possible) you get tired of the beaches you can go shopping some of the best brands in the world at the strand arcade but believe me when I say that you will more interested in the beautiful architecture and history of the building than anything else.

But traveling as a young adult is really pricey and it’s not easy to manage it with loans and rent and other responsibilities, so I have made a list of things you can do to save up and travel for as less as 40$ per day.


As young adult hostels are your best friends. one of the biggest expenses of traveling is always accommodation and you can find decent hostels for as cheap as 15$ per night. Not only will hostels help you save your hard-earned money but it usually comes with other amenities such as kitchens where you can make your own food and save more. you can do your own laundry for a dollar and chances are that you will meet great people and make amazing memories. I stayed in a hostel that I booked through hostelworld and met some amazing people who gave me advice about what tourist spots are really overrated and can even help you find gigs if you plan to stay long term.


2.public transport

Sydney has one of the best public transport in Australia. you will be able to get a train or bus every 10-15 minutes. most people will be surprised to know that boats are also a part of public transport. you can easily get a ferry from the darling harbor to the opera house and it will one of the most beautiful experience. opal fares have a weekly cap of 50$ that comes around 7$ per day that includes unlimited travel. It will be beneficial if you incorporate walking into your routine. Sydney is very walkable and the city is too beautiful to not take advantage of its cute shops and cafes and the bright touristy spots. You can also rent a bike as its very affordable and enjoy what the city has to offer

white and red train on focus photographyy
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It is very important for anyone traveling to do their research. If you look around enough you can find good deals on the internet that most people might miss.  If you do proper research you can find deals on almost all the major tourist attractions that you might want to visit. It can also help you know if the spots are overhyped and worth visiting. On my first visit to Sydney, I booked myself a hop on-hop off bus which cost around 40$ and in hindsight, it wasn’t worth it as I could have taken public transport to all the places or have just rented a bike to go around the CBD. I did not know this as I did not do proper research. Sydney is not a city famous for its tourist spots but for its coastline and beaches so even if you just sit in a café next to Bondi it will still be one of the best days. The best things you can do are absolutely free such as the

people standing beside swimming pool
Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com

Bondi iceberg pool or the wedding cake rock.

4. cook

One of the biggest expenses of traveling is eating out so if you can cut it down then voila you can extend your stay. No one is expecting you to not eat at the local spots as you can definitely miss out on a lot if you do not try local cuisines. Food is definitely an integral part of any culture and you should try out but you can definitely save up on that 4$ coffee by making it in your hostel and spend that money on eating at local eateries.

people in cafe
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By following all these tips you can definitely make your cash last long. It is easy to budget to live like a local if you conduct some research.

5 Airbnb alternatives for your next vacation.

Airbnb is the biggest home-sharing site on the internet now and its the best place to find unique places to accommodate long or short term stays. You can easily find budget stays under 30$ or private villas and everything in between. This blog will discuss some other alternative sites to book stays for your next vacation.

I have been using it for years and now you may want to know why would you need more alternatives to this home-sharing website. In recent years, Airbnb has gathered many negative reviews with price surging so there is no harm in looking at all the possible resources before you whip out that credit card.

1. booking.com

booking.com is amother site where you can book budget or luxurious stays. The website is available in 228 countries and in over 43 languages.  It has been online for over 23 years and is a very trusted site.  You earn a 25$ credit on your first booking and it has a great refer a friend program too. You can also earn a 150$ for any of your referral who lists their property on the site.

house luxury villa swimming pool
Photo by Chris Goodwin on Pexels.com

2. Stayz

Homeaway changed itself into Stayz and has been running since 2014 so it is fairly new to the house-sharing platform.  This site caters more to luxury stay and has a great range of villas and beautifual properties. If you are looking for a private beach-side property or a secluded house in the mountains this is definately the place to find it. Most of its listings are modern sleek properties that cater to high-end travelers.  The website does not have any referral program for its users at the moment but runs in over 50 counties.

PRO TIP- you can also book a castle on the website, well if you can afford it.


This option isnt really for families or anyone above 35. Many young travelers look for cheap accomodation and nothing is as cheap as a hostel. you can rent from 5$ depending on what country you are visiting. hostelworld has a vast majority of hostels registered on its site and some of them are super cool for the price you pay. I stayed in a hostel on my trip to sydeny and its a great place to make friends and be social if you are traveling alone. I saved a lot of cash for sure but I had so much more fun than I would have had anywhere else.

orange and gray hiking backpack on the floor
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Do you want to earn money while you stay in a modern sleek apartment or live in a house with a pool or share a house with cute puppies then house sitting is the perfect option for you? There are many websites online where you can sign up and stay at peoples places for free in excahnge for some simple tasks like getting in mail or watering plants.  Some websites even pay you if the tasks list is a bit longer but it is a great way to travel on a budget


This is the perfect site to book luxury properties. It has a portfolio of over 6000 properties so its safe to say that you get only the best of the best. The expereince is more curated and the team will help you find your dream place. As the site has very limited listings you might not always find a place for your destination but if you do then it is well worth it. The listings look like straight out of movies only if I could afford it.

white house near body of water
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5 ways to make money online while you travel.

I have a travel bug in me and most of my pay check goes towards entertaining this love of mine. But living only on your savings while travelling is not a very smart choice at times. It can only cover you for a few days or at most weeks depending on your destination.

These are the few ways I make money while travelling and now you can too.


  1. WORK AS A FREELANCER  – freelancing is the best solution to your travel bug, you might have a skill thats in demand or you can learn one . There are many websites like upwork, freelancer, fiverr that you can sign up to perform tasks for people. if you are good at writing, editing or any other skill, this is the easiest way to not run out of money on your travel-cation.  Although you need to make sure that you have good wifi connection.
  2. DROPSHIP- Now you might have already seen lots of ads and articles about how this can make you rich or what not, but this isnt entirely true. dropshipping works as a model through which an individual lists products on their website which are manufactured and shipped from somewher else and can make a profit by listing their products a bit higher than the original price. you have to put in effort and time and earning by this method is totally viable.
  3. RUN YOUR OWN BLOG-  you dont need to invest a lot to start blogging. you can even set up free blogs on blogger and earn through adsense . later on you can also add your affilaite links and maxismise your earnings. I really like blogging because it is super flexible and you get a lot of new content to write about in your travels.
  4. RENT YOUR EXTRA SPACE- while you are out travelling and having fun, you can rent your home and storage spaces to make some extra bucks. Airbnb is a great option to rent your space and earn while you are home away from home.
  5. START YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL- starting a youtube channel takes no capital and very little effort. you can blog and make videos about anything and you will find viewers. altough this is not easy if you dont put in effort. you will have to edit videos professionally and provide somethong of value to the viewers. you can vlog your travels and inform travellers about the must see places.

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how to protect your privacy online


blur close up code computer
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Last few months have been a bit confusing for people trying to figure out how safe their online activity is. with mark Zuckerburg being questioned about facebook’s tactics regarding its user’s information and people being more informed about how their activity is tracked online.

The solution to this problem partly is using other search engines besides Google, specifically the ones that are more open about their activities. 2 of the best alternatives are:


the search engine does not track your activity at all times and only shoes you ads based on your keyword search.


The search engine runs in a similar way and does not track your every move on the internet, it only shows you ads based on your search so that you can sleep peacefully.