cool things to do in melbourne

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Melbourne is indefinably one of the greatest City in the world. Be its unique coffee culture, vibrant nightlife or secret lanes it’s a hot spot for young travelers. But there are few unique spots that travelers often forget to check out before leaving this haven.



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Visit Fitzroy’s ice bar if you are in town. It’s the only ice bar in Australia and a unique experience to take the term “chilled drinks” to another level.



Queen Victoria is a popular fresh produce market which has been running for over 140 years. It hosts the night market for a few weeks in summer and winter alike on Wednesdays which involves a lot of activities such as live music, food stalls, silent disco and other forms of entertainment



Melbourne is known for its art. From its graffiti that spread throughout the city to architecture. One of the famous known spots for graffiti is hosier lane. It’s one of the greatest land-mark of this city. Just walk around the city’s lanes and soak in its array of colors, characters, and shapes.



National Gallery of Victoria was founded in 1861. It features great works of art all year round.  It is also the most popular, most visited and oldest museum in Australia, so you know where to go to get those cool Instagram shots.



Founded in 1997, peninsula hot springs are located in Mornington which is an hour’s drive from Melbourne. It offers various experiences including bathhouses, rock pool, spa and various other activities. It’s better to get there early in the morning to avoid crowds.



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