shows to binge watch if you love drama

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Netflix is a guilty pleasure for most people I know, but looking for a good show can be a task in itself. So here are my 5 favorite shows to binge watch if you love glamour and drama as much as I do.



Gossip girl will always have my heart. If you love drama, sex, fashion, and hot guys, this show is the one for you. Set in New York’s high-class circle it showcases the life of 5 individuals who experience love, hate, deceit, and everything that we know and hate. It’s a good show to start but beware you might get hooked.


If I were to describe this show in one word it would be “YUMMY” . super-hot vampires with chiseled abs and smoldering looks, it’s a heaven .the show follows the life of a young teenage girl who falls in love with 2 super-hot( did I say HOT) vampire brothers and how her life changes after that. There’s obviously so much more to the show than that but the Salvatore brothers are my favorite part about it.


OMG!!!where do I start with this show? It’s my guilty pleasure. Dynasty is the remake of the famous show with the same name and an absolute gem. it follows the lives of a wealthy family- the Carrington and their dark secrets. Its got DRAMA!! Its messy and portrays how crazy families can be. It also helps that the cast consists of very gorgeous ladies.


if you love thrillers as much as I do then this is the show for follows the story of a young girl who starts a relationship with her stalker unknowingly. this show is really scary as it shows how easy it is for someone to have access to our lives in the age of social media.



you can love this show or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. currently in its third season and it just gets better. the show revolves around 4 high school kids who try to solve mysteries that haunt their town.


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