how to protect your privacy online


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Last few months have been a bit confusing for people trying to figure out how safe their online activity is. with mark Zuckerburg being questioned about facebook’s tactics regarding its user’s information and people being more informed about how their activity is tracked online.

The solution to this problem partly is using other search engines besides Google, specifically the ones that are more open about their activities. 2 of the best alternatives are:


the search engine does not track your activity at all times and only shoes you ads based on your keyword search.


The search engine runs in a similar way and does not track your every move on the internet, it only shows you ads based on your search so that you can sleep peacefully.


12 thoughts on “how to protect your privacy online”

  1. This is a very serious matter that everybody should address or to have something to do about it. As our world now is dealing with so many crime or scam online this must be priority for everyone to look at and monitor.


  2. I’m learning about these search engines for the first time. I’ve always used Google for as long as I can remember, but will check these sites out.


  3. Meh, i don’t really mind my searches being remembered for the sake of targetted ads. If I don’t want to buy something or can’t afford it I just don’t, so I don’t really care that the advertising is there. When I do need something, though, it has actually helped me find what I need so I think it can be good. Saves me looking at ads for things I don’t want.


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