5 ways to make money online while you travel.

I have a travel bug in me and most of my pay check goes towards entertaining this love of mine. But living only on your savings while travelling is not a very smart choice at times. It can only cover you for a few days or at most weeks depending on your destination.

These are the few ways I make money while travelling and now you can too.


  1. WORK AS A FREELANCER  – freelancing is the best solution to your travel bug, you might have a skill thats in demand or you can learn one . There are many websites like upwork, freelancer, fiverr that you can sign up to perform tasks for people. if you are good at writing, editing or any other skill, this is the easiest way to not run out of money on your travel-cation.  Although you need to make sure that you have good wifi connection.
  2. DROPSHIP- Now you might have already seen lots of ads and articles about how this can make you rich or what not, but this isnt entirely true. dropshipping works as a model through which an individual lists products on their website which are manufactured and shipped from somewher else and can make a profit by listing their products a bit higher than the original price. you have to put in effort and time and earning by this method is totally viable.
  3. RUN YOUR OWN BLOG-  you dont need to invest a lot to start blogging. you can even set up free blogs on blogger and earn through adsense . later on you can also add your affilaite links and maxismise your earnings. I really like blogging because it is super flexible and you get a lot of new content to write about in your travels.
  4. RENT YOUR EXTRA SPACE- while you are out travelling and having fun, you can rent your home and storage spaces to make some extra bucks. Airbnb is a great option to rent your space and earn while you are home away from home.
  5. START YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL- starting a youtube channel takes no capital and very little effort. you can blog and make videos about anything and you will find viewers. altough this is not easy if you dont put in effort. you will have to edit videos professionally and provide somethong of value to the viewers. you can vlog your travels and inform travellers about the must see places.

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    Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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