Apps you need for the book nerd in you.

For as long as I can remember, I loved reading. Sitting in a nook alone engulfed by the stories of characters was how I spent my entire childhood. There is nothing better than being cozy and smelling the fresh smell of old books, but alas you can’t carry many books with you at a time and it is difficult if you happen to travel. These are a few apps I use to quench my book thirst when I am on the move.


Who isnt aware of this awesome app that changed the way everyone reads. No one thought it would be possible to carry all their favourite books with them. Now it is not only possible to carry books but millions of them at a time. Authors can self publish their books so its a great place to discover new and upcoming authors.


It is an U.S bases e-book and audiobook subscription site which gives you access to over a million books. It offers a 1 month free trial so you can make up your mind about the subscription price which is only 9$ per month.


Book mate gives you access to audiobooks, comics,classics and other titles for only 11.99 per month. its great for comic book enthusiast. There are books available in different languages including Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Spanish.


Playster is more inclusive compared to other services on this site. It provides access to e-books, games, movies and music. There is subscription prices ranging from 1.95 to 6.95 depending on the service you sign up to.


One thought on “Apps you need for the book nerd in you.”

  1. These seem like such amazing apps. I love reading but carrying around books while travelling can get so tiring and heavy. Thanks for these tips!!


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