5 Airbnb alternatives for your next vacation.

Airbnb is the biggest home-sharing site on the internet now and its the best place to find unique places to accommodate long or short term stays. You can easily find budget stays under 30$ or private villas and everything in between. This blog will discuss some other alternative sites to book stays for your next vacation.

I have been using it for years and now you may want to know why would you need more alternatives to this home-sharing website. In recent years, Airbnb has gathered many negative reviews with price surging so there is no harm in looking at all the possible resources before you whip out that credit card.

1. booking.com

booking.com is amother site where you can book budget or luxurious stays. The website is available in 228 countries and in over 43 languages.  It has been online for over 23 years and is a very trusted site.  You earn a 25$ credit on your first booking and it has a great refer a friend program too. You can also earn a 150$ for any of your referral who lists their property on the site.

house luxury villa swimming pool
Photo by Chris Goodwin on Pexels.com

2. Stayz

Homeaway changed itself into Stayz and has been running since 2014 so it is fairly new to the house-sharing platform.  This site caters more to luxury stay and has a great range of villas and beautifual properties. If you are looking for a private beach-side property or a secluded house in the mountains this is definately the place to find it. Most of its listings are modern sleek properties that cater to high-end travelers.  The website does not have any referral program for its users at the moment but runs in over 50 counties.

PRO TIP- you can also book a castle on the website, well if you can afford it.


This option isnt really for families or anyone above 35. Many young travelers look for cheap accomodation and nothing is as cheap as a hostel. you can rent from 5$ depending on what country you are visiting. hostelworld has a vast majority of hostels registered on its site and some of them are super cool for the price you pay. I stayed in a hostel on my trip to sydeny and its a great place to make friends and be social if you are traveling alone. I saved a lot of cash for sure but I had so much more fun than I would have had anywhere else.

orange and gray hiking backpack on the floor
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


Do you want to earn money while you stay in a modern sleek apartment or live in a house with a pool or share a house with cute puppies then house sitting is the perfect option for you? There are many websites online where you can sign up and stay at peoples places for free in excahnge for some simple tasks like getting in mail or watering plants.  Some websites even pay you if the tasks list is a bit longer but it is a great way to travel on a budget


This is the perfect site to book luxury properties. It has a portfolio of over 6000 properties so its safe to say that you get only the best of the best. The expereince is more curated and the team will help you find your dream place. As the site has very limited listings you might not always find a place for your destination but if you do then it is well worth it. The listings look like straight out of movies only if I could afford it.

white house near body of water
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com


My favorite option out of all the listings is definitely staying in a hostel as its the only one I a 21-year-old university student can afford.  I love Airbnb but sometimes I find better deals on booking.com and I hope that this has helped you for future bookings.


14 thoughts on “5 Airbnb alternatives for your next vacation.”

  1. I love Airbnb and how easy it’s to booking there! However, I agree with you, I find better deals on other platforms such as Booking.com. I’ll take a look at the other alternatives you mentioned. I’ll give them a try


  2. The only one of these alternatives I’ve used before is booking.com. Although I actually end up using VRBO instead of AirBNB. We like to rent a full house when we go places because I’m always traveling with two young kids and it helps to have our own space.


  3. This is such a helpful collection. The last few times I have tried to use Airbnb, the only options in the places I wanted at the dates I wanted were already booked 😦 …


  4. Long before airbnb was popular booking.com was a top choice for vacation rentals so love that there are other alternatives to airbnb if you cant find the option to suit your getaway.


  5. I love all the alternatives since airbnb has become a corporate rental in most places. I book hostels often too as it’s a great experience to get out of the comfort zone


  6. These are great suggestions. I know that when traveling, sometimes finding the right place to stay makes such a difference.


  7. All of these are wonderful options and I have considered a few over the years. I still prefer a hotel and staying with friends though.


  8. This is such a smart list! first thing people do is look at Airbnb but we tend to miss these amazing options. I would love to bookmark this and use it for my next trip


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