How to travel on a 40$ budget in sydney.

Sydney is undoubtedly the most beautiful city I have visited down under. The concrete jungle is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world. nothing screams vacation more than having an overpriced breakfast with the view of Bondi. The laid back Aussie culture is just another perk that you will get to enjoy while visiting the beach haven. And if by any chance(not that its possible) you get tired of the beaches you can go shopping some of the best brands in the world at the strand arcade but believe me when I say that you will more interested in the beautiful architecture and history of the building than anything else.

But traveling as a young adult is really pricey and it’s not easy to manage it with loans and rent and other responsibilities, so I have made a list of things you can do to save up and travel for as less as 40$ per day.


As young adult hostels are your best friends. one of the biggest expenses of traveling is always accommodation and you can find decent hostels for as cheap as 15$ per night. Not only will hostels help you save your hard-earned money but it usually comes with other amenities such as kitchens where you can make your own food and save more. you can do your own laundry for a dollar and chances are that you will meet great people and make amazing memories. I stayed in a hostel that I booked through hostelworld and met some amazing people who gave me advice about what tourist spots are really overrated and can even help you find gigs if you plan to stay long term.


2.public transport

Sydney has one of the best public transport in Australia. you will be able to get a train or bus every 10-15 minutes. most people will be surprised to know that boats are also a part of public transport. you can easily get a ferry from the darling harbor to the opera house and it will one of the most beautiful experience. opal fares have a weekly cap of 50$ that comes around 7$ per day that includes unlimited travel. It will be beneficial if you incorporate walking into your routine. Sydney is very walkable and the city is too beautiful to not take advantage of its cute shops and cafes and the bright touristy spots. You can also rent a bike as its very affordable and enjoy what the city has to offer

white and red train on focus photographyy
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It is very important for anyone traveling to do their research. If you look around enough you can find good deals on the internet that most people might miss.  If you do proper research you can find deals on almost all the major tourist attractions that you might want to visit. It can also help you know if the spots are overhyped and worth visiting. On my first visit to Sydney, I booked myself a hop on-hop off bus which cost around 40$ and in hindsight, it wasn’t worth it as I could have taken public transport to all the places or have just rented a bike to go around the CBD. I did not know this as I did not do proper research. Sydney is not a city famous for its tourist spots but for its coastline and beaches so even if you just sit in a café next to Bondi it will still be one of the best days. The best things you can do are absolutely free such as the

people standing beside swimming pool
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Bondi iceberg pool or the wedding cake rock.

4. cook

One of the biggest expenses of traveling is eating out so if you can cut it down then voila you can extend your stay. No one is expecting you to not eat at the local spots as you can definitely miss out on a lot if you do not try local cuisines. Food is definitely an integral part of any culture and you should try out but you can definitely save up on that 4$ coffee by making it in your hostel and spend that money on eating at local eateries.

people in cafe
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By following all these tips you can definitely make your cash last long. It is easy to budget to live like a local if you conduct some research.


17 thoughts on “How to travel on a 40$ budget in sydney.”

  1. I have always wanted to visit Sydney. It’s on my bucket list. I will definitely be keeping this post for if I am ever able to visit, very good to know there is an affordable way to budget out of the country.


  2. These are some great tips! We do search a lot before traveling and book the activities in advance if possible. It’s much cheaper that way.


  3. I love these pictures, Sydney is a beautiful city I would love to visit one day. I agree, doing your research and public transportation are a good money saver. These are all very helpful tips, thank you for sharing!


  4. Great tips! I also try to save some bucks on drinks and go for water normally when I travel. But definitely putting a lot budget on trying local food. LOL! I would love to visit sydney sometime.


  5. Great suggestions! I’ve never actually used airbnb but I’ve been dying to do it for a long time now. I love those log-cabin houses in the middle of the forest. I’ll try those options to see which one is better for me.


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